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Product Name:XT77 series sealing tester
Product Detailed:

XT77 series sealing tester

This tester using the pressure or vacuum principle to nondestructive detection in sealing of containers of various shapes, the industries have air tightness requirements of products can be test (such as: engine sealing, oil pump and the pipe, valves, heat exchangers, and air conditioning pipe, air pillow, outdoor electronic advertising, water tank, airbags, airtight workshop, fire equipment, compressor pipe, automobile and motorcycle parts, battery shell, rubber hose, medical apparatus and instruments, etc.). This series of products have been derived from remote control type, print labels and wireless digital products, welcome to inquiry. XT77 series than XT76 increased the following functions:

Tip: test conditions when test pressure is lower than the provisions to prompt;

Automatic release function: after the test results come out, automatic release test medium, the vacuum test and pressure test is necessary;

Main performance:

The test pressure: the user to specify 0.01 ~ 0.8 ~ 40 mpa;

Test the differential: user specified;

Precision level: 0.5 0.25 (control);

Time to determine: 0 ~ 99.9 SEC ~ 99.9 hr;

Determine tip: red and green LED indicator light;

Dimensions: 480 x 240 x 260 high wide deep mm3

Set pressure readings: detection can be set pressure value and determine the qualified differential pressure value;

Automatic pressure and testing:

According to the test pressure value automatically control test pressure, according to judge qualified pressure value to judge whether the products tested qualified;

Detection time setting:

Dial time relay, use the "+" and "-" button to set detection time, unit for seconds, minutes or hours, set the range: 0 ~ 99.99.

The operating instructions

1, and turning on the power supply connecting gas circuit (a inlet port and a detection port).

2, press the start button, gas path connected, for the products tested pressure.

3, when the stress reaches the test set point, pressure channel automatically shut down, detection indicator and start time, over a period of pressure after starting test.

4, the product to be measured automatically make qualified or not qualified to judge:

N the light of qualified, said products tested conform to the requirements of the air, is considered as a qualified product, printed label (option);

N unqualified lights, have the following three conditions

A) said leakage products tested, the product is judged to be not qualified (the time duration of the time relay is leaking excessive amounts of time).

B) pressurized unqualified; Within the pressurized time t0, measured the size of the workpiece can not meet the test pressure, measured artifacts that serious leak, not qualified

C) the holding is unqualified; After the holding time t1 lock test pressure value is lower than the set pressure value, can not meet the test conditions, not qualified.

5, the next test automatically remove the judgement of the previous results.

XT77 series specifications(CH)  File Size:82KB  Click to download

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